Time banks: module


The Time banks module manages the time banks, i.e. vacation banks, sick leave and overtime banks.

Plans and bank types**

Umana** allows up to nine bank types. Each employee can have (a maximum of) one bank of each type. Often, certain banks are reserved for certain groups of employees. The attendance plan defines the rules governing eligibility, deposits and withdrawals, carrying forward to the next year, etc. You can define several different plans for the same bank. For example, the vacation plan for executives could be different from that for unionized workers.

Deposits and withdrawals

  • Deposits are entitlements (deposited by the employer) and overtime hours worked (deposited by the employees themselves).
  • Bank withdrawals are recorded employee absences. The hours or money in a bank can be cashed (paid to the employee). Deposits and withdrawals are entered and saved in the Attendance detail module. They can be entered in the time sheet or the Attendance detail window. For each type of transaction, an indicator shows which time bank to credit or debit.


Time bank management involves four files:

  • TIMSUM file, which contains employees' time bank balances
  • TIMEDT file, which contains time bank deposit and withdrawal transactions (the same file is used for gross pay)
  • APLAN, which contains time bank rules and policies (there may be several plans)
  • JOBHIST, which contains the employee's status and the attendance plans he/she belongs to (employee eligibility for a time bank depends on his/her status) See the illustration of the four files.


Input screens

To access the Time banks input screen:

Data | Attendance, gross pay | Time banks... menu bar
Benefits | Time banks navigation pane To access the Attendance detail input screen: Data | Attendance, gross pay | Attendance detail... menu bar
Payroll | Attendance detail navigation pane To access the Plans input screen: Data | Attendance, gross pay | Plans... menu bar
Benefits | Plans: banks navigation pane To access the Job input screen: Data | Job... main menu
Person | Job navigation pane

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