Gross pay - Attendance detail (TIMEDT): module


The Attendance detail and Gross pay module manages the employee's attendance and gross pay transactions (records), as well as presences and absences. The same transactions are also used for gross pay and to monitor attendance.

Source of transactions

Transactions may come from many sources: Time sheets, time clocks, imports from other systems, generation of salaries, etc. They can also be created directly in the Gross pay module. See the Payroll files diagram. Some transactions can be created by net pay when net pay is calculated or when they are exported to an external net pay service. These transactions are visible under the last tab (at the bottom) before the net pay is finalized.


A transaction only affects a single day, although an employee may generate several transactions in the same day. Each transaction includes the following:

  • Employee number
  • Date
  • Code for earnings, absence, premium, etc.
  • Number of hours (see hours.decimals vs hours:minutes) and/or a dollar amount
  • Work (job) performed, in which department, which shift, etc.
  • Pay group / Pay period in which the transaction was paid

The rate, service, job, etc. may all differ from what the employee usually does. Attendance detail (TIMEDT) contains a history of what the employee actually did, in contrast with their JOBHIST (employment history) which specifies what they normally do.

Time banks

Some transactions may affect the time banks: deposits (e.g. overtime hours worked and deposited) and withdrawals (sick leave bank). To trace all allocations to banks, all time bank deposits are also located in this same fileā€”even if they are paid directly by the employer and are not processed by net pay.


The data is saved in two files:

  • TIMEDT file, which contains the data that has not yet been archived
  • OTIMEDT file, which contains the archived data


Input screen

To access the Attendance detail input screen:

Data | Attendance, gross pay | Attendance detail... main menu
Payroll | Attendance detail navigation pane

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