Action menu and toolbar

Use the Action menu and toolbar to find records and update data in the window selected. They always apply to the selected window.

The Action menu = The toolbar on top of the Umana window = The toolbar on top of the active form all do the same thing.

Action menu

Tool bar

What the options do

New Shortcut Ctrl-Ins) - Click to display a window with blank fields. Enter the information in the window and click to create the new record.

Copy (Shortcut Ctrl-I) - Click to copy the data of the record displayed and create a new record similar to the previous one. Then all you have to do is change the data you want and click to save this new record.

Modify (Shortcut F2) - Click to allow modifications to the data displayed. This puts the form in Modify mode. Once modified, click to save the changes, and exit modify mode. To ignore your changes click the cancel icon.

Delete (Shortcut Ctrl-Del) - Click to delete the entire record displayed.

Save (Shortcut F3) - Click to save the new record created (if you chose New) or changes made (if you chose Modify).

Cancel modifications (Shortcut Ctrl-O or the Escape key) - This is the opposite of the Save command. Click to disregard the new data you have just entered.

Find (Shortcut F4) - Click to open a dialog box to find another employee or for another record.

Print - Click to print the record displayed.

First - Click to display the first record of the file.
Previous - Click to display the previous record.
Next - Click to display the next record.
Last - Click to display the last record of the file.

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